I dreamt that I failed GP!!!! I failed the essay and the compre (to the extent that there was a compre in the GP paper – Matthew’s Dreams have no respect for t3h f4ctx). My dreams are a part of me I like to shelve aside and dissociate from the rest of my sparkly personality; they’re amongst the most mundane shit ever! People dream about Jesus and Heaven and/or cool Matrix-esque alternate dimensions. Me? I get the “warped twist on insecure and constantly fretful subconscious”, which usually involves me failing things, saying stupid things to people who matter or appearing in public in diminishing degrees of clothing (and that’s obviously only counting the ones that’re safe for publication). It’s not even funny – I’m plagued even in the only 5-8 hours of relative tranquility I get to myself BEFORE I have to wake up and promptly start failing things, saying stupid things to people that matter, or appearing in… okay not that one.

On the other hand I’m very eager to find out how badly I did for Econs. pls subconscious tell me moar!


5 thoughts on “oneiromancy

  1. weird how come i can’t just leave a comment on your fb note o_o anyway. I DREAMT ABOUT GP TOO!!!! AND I DREAMT THERE WAS A COMPRE TOO!!!! but i dreamt i did quite well it was so weird though i dreamt i got a b for the essay and super super high A for compre and my teacher stapled a ribbon and a picture of my senior in an ultra weird pose on my paper with congratulations and i was like what that’s my prize?? anyway i don’t even know what the dream bodes for my gp grade.

    omg i just spammed.

    • that’s freaking funny i was rofling on my bed (technically that isn’t a rofl but a robl but wtv) – i looked up your dream in a book and it says you have strange fantasies of your senior and you need to see a shrink. okay your dream > my dream. even though mine segued absurdly into a quasi-cool family roadtrip somewhere. woohoo holiday!

      • HOW on earth did you look up my dream in a book??? dream in which does one does extremely well and includes senior’s picture as prize???? btw my senior is a girl. i don’t know if it’s better or worse than what you probably thought omg.

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