why is H2 math my best subject?

Argh dissatisfied – econs always always eludes me. I know my stuff but I just can’t string them up neatly or Do The Right Things. My essays today were random lumps of unconnected insight (To The Extent That they were insightful, ceteris paribus auspicium melioris aevi). Nvm this isn’t lit – and I’ve gotten away with less. Dear God I’d like for once to do well in econs plskthx, or even lit. After a while even the fountain of self-sustained bravado runs dry

I can’t wait for Thursday :-) Thursday is like valhalla where all the dead warriors resurrect to see swathes of rainbow fields, commensurately rewarded for a momentary lifetime of toil with an eternity of making merry and uncontrollable smiling.

Tuesday is a mangled crossover of fiction and graphs.

Wednesday will be history.


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