t minus six

Tests in six days! For better or for worse I’m not stressing out – this is probably for worse because I haven’t even laid out my work neatly in intimidating dollops or assessed my problem rationally. I’m just snatching at random bits of worksheet and feeling pleased for deciphering them. Whatever happened to Mootz’s Victory Plan (acronym not intended) :( so many things weighing on my mind that shouldn’t – more scarily, so many things not weighing on my mind that should. Life’s tough. Does anyone still read this blog anyway? Hard to believe how much energy I used to put into slowbeatofdoomzzxzx. I try to pretend I don’t have time for this anymore (or even “I’m too old for this… stuff.”) but the truth is I don’t really have anything to say anymore. Does anyone else?

On a happier note – the iPhone is definitely a force for good. I was worried about that at the start of Feb but I’ve settled into an easy routine of listening to nice informative nuggety podcasts. Stuff You Should Know is funny, and you never know… someday we’ll talk about penis scabies in class and I’ll be able to tap on my bank of penis scabies knowledge while everyone else looks on in awe and amazement (“wow, Matthew’s not only witty and charming, but also knows all about penis scabies! He’s everything I look for in a classmate/friend/lover!”). I live for such beautiful moments.


4 thoughts on “t minus six

    • holy schmokes it’s out in english? is layton2 also? i wanna playyyyy (but i’m scared of my malfunctioning r4 -_- and bad grades obviously. back to history!)

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