lying in bed all night watching the colours change

In an ideal world there’ll be no obnoxious people.

In a not-so-ideal-but-still-more-ideal-than-this-shithole world there’ll still be obnoxious people, but they’ll be nipped in the butt appropriately (and metaphorically… unless they’re really obnoxious. While writing my parenthesis it just dawned on me that the word I was looking for was “bud” but this works too). Their egos will be rended by Mean Harsh Words until they’re small and red and raw and they’ll have no choice but to be nice and meek and fawningly servile.

On an wholly tangential and almost asymptotic note the class is crazy now. All the simmering! Can’t someone just scream what the problem is / problems are instead of letting it bubble and frothe at its own discretion? Thankfully this is still reconcilable because there’re incredibly nice people to make up for it – Monday afterschool Bishan lunches should be a staple of my LIFE

Today was very interesting – I talked with people I wouldn’t ordinarily have met/talked with; plus, first pro bono legal clinic session ever. A bit draggy but still sensational in its own way. At the crux of it law should be a defensive construct for the less fortunate, so it’s quite strange that these intended beneficiaries of the law are the selfsame people who are least equipped (with finances/knowledge) to utilise it. One of the guys I sat in for only understood Mandarin and didn’t even know what the magistrate was saying or the exact charge he was slapped with. It could have been murder and he wouldn’t have known.

Pro bono is necessarily very limited in its effectiveness (breadth over depth, and it’s a hell lot of breadth) but it’s a very worthy cause. Law sounds very attractive and I am now further away from discerning my future path! Awesomeness


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