yin and jung

There’re tensions always – between what I want to throw away when I pack my room and what I want to keep. Over time the former urge prevails and so movie stubs and theatre tickets are a thing of the past now. I wonder when I’ll decide to get rid of cards and even small gifts? It’s quite sad how many things are so replaceable. If I had my way everything would be chronicled and archived away in appropriate folders for future reference, but I’ve no space for that in my room or the patience to do anything other than fragments of Integration Techniques (I’m a very very bad student – I do those questions which I understand keenly and try to paper over those I’ve no idea how to do).

Does it say anything about a person, how resolutely he holds on to material mementos?

I learn new things about the Jungian dichotomies/MBTI every time. I’m still an INFP since the last time. Apparently INFPs are inclined to hold a strong faith in search of sustenance! That’s interesting but also kinda deflating – not very nice to know that everything I think of my religion can be pinned down by a statistical commonality. If you’re reading (anyone at all, my sisters included) post a comment saying what type you are! Then check out said type here.


5 thoughts on “yin and jung

  1. INFJ!

    # moderately expressed introvert
    # moderately expressed intuitive personality
    # moderately expressed feeling personality
    # moderately expressed judging personality

    – this is the same as last time, isn’t it?
    (repetition of ‘moderate’ so many times makes me feel incredibly average)

  2. laura: i thought you were istj or smth last time! but never mind i see this one fits you also – the idealistic and “likes to question the purpose and meaning of everything” part :p

    sulyn: “In their personal world, it can make some ENTJs overbearing as spouses or parents.” yup sounds like you. everyone WATCH OUT

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