that warm fuzzy feeling might in fact be a mild case of heartburn

Reading self-motivational books is an extremely interesting experience. It’s like being in church singing worship songs and trying to get a warm hearty feeling. I’m reading Anthony Robbins and some of his “OBSTACLS R ONLY WUT U MAEK OF DEM” thing is getting me minorly pumped up. Pumped up enough for me to pick at some garbage sitting on the floor of my bedroom in a half-hearted resolve to Start Packing My Room By Using The Tools Of Pain And Pleasure To Influence My Decisions For Eternity (economists know it better as CBA but it sounds cooler when you use words/phrases like “tools” and “decisions” and “paradigmatic sea change”); not pumped up enough to do anything other than mentally concede some of the flaws and trying to paper over them with the allure of general fuzzy keywords like Diligence and Discipline and Commitment.

Hmm, so I’m at chapter 4 (something about how changing your Belief Systems can turn you from a convict into a regional manager) and nothing’s happening yet. I think I will sleep on it.


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