wily faux

I like this. When in dire need of amusement I always think about the most awkward things I could do. Like running up to the pulpit and grabbing my pastor’s mike, or walking up to an entwined couple and brusquely break them up, or throwing tables and chairs around in the middle of a boring GP lesson and screaming about the futility of school. It’d spice things up and everyone would gawk at me and life wouldn’t ever be the same again. I might have to grow a beard (admittedly difficult, I’d sooner buy one from Daiso) or change my name. I haven’t done any of these things. I’m saner than most people give me credit for.


2 thoughts on “wily faux

  1. Haha i do that too! You think about the most insane thing you can do that would be cathartic and inappropriate, but yet appropriately cathartic. The things i would do if i had no knowledge of somewhat proper social conduct…

  2. Haha cool. Now that you mention it, I do that a lot. I call it my prankster mentality hehe.

    Typical me to think/do random stuff whenever I can haha. Mostly thinking.

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