half full!

Sometimes you make a mental inventory of your life, before realising that you have either nothing to your life or everything. It sounds very extreme but mood swings would be an impossibility without this. I’m no stranger to feelings of self-doubt and unmitigated uselessness, but this weekend I feel like I have all the things I need (as in a pack list), and then some. Nothing significant has changed within me though, so I’m inclined to believe that it really boils down to which inventory checklist you choose to pick up.

Thank God for the many times I can pray in tongues in times of panicky need (ranging from going into IHist tutorials with undone tables, to misplaced home keys), like some arcane buzzwords only God interprets as anything other than gibberish. For all the sinful shizz I’ve been doing it’s very comforting to know that the door to the throne room is and will always be left ajar, not by my access card but by His.


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