novelty never gets boring

Orientation feels much shorter now that it’s actually here – it’s halfway gone and I guess on Wednesday night I wouldn’t have expected the success of Storyline / reflected glory from OMG-Man, RJ’s new cult hero two days into Orientation; the coolness of my OG (despite certain demographic qualities that I shan’t describe in detail here) (EA SECOND RUNNERS-UP!! The chances of winning a Swensens voucher over the first two days are a mere 9.75% so well done guys~)

Many soundbites also, which I’ve mostly forgotten. As you age into RJ life you stop being retarded. It’s an unfortunate yet irreversible process. That’s why Orientation’s valuable.

OG: Let’s just ask that couple (sitting in the middle of a long OG-sized row of seats at JustAcia) to zao so we can sit!
Matthew: Better not. What if today’s their 10th anniversary and we traumatise them for life by ruining their experience?????
Richard: …dude, if today’s their 10th anniversary they wouldn’t be at JustAcia.

Touche moment.

Two more days! I miss the clinicality of lessons with 1B (and the classmates also) but till Wednesday the 1300+200 -strong group of Galveans make pretty damned good company also (as long as I’m not trying to sleep)

interesting! Conspicuous consumption in action (and quintessence) –,2933,398903,00.html (‘I Am Rich’ iPhone Application Retails for $1,000). For the record the guy sold six copies before Apple took it off. Who says novelty got old?


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