first orientation, then the world!

sigh are we human or are we J2 rj students? I’m not sure what we are or why we have to make that distinction. Thank God it’s Friday and thank God there isn’t Friday cell anymore, I love Jesus but Friday nights should be well-deserved breaks. Hopefully my blog should be entertaininger as school goes on – it has been proven that my social life interferes with any entertainment value inherent in me

thanks for tonight, I think we’re old and senile now, after long days I’m not sure we listen to each other as much as half the time, but sometimes mere presence is enough. These are the times that try men’s souls (these words were penned, aptly enough, by some guy called Paine) but I’m glad we’re spending them together. Thanks for pretending to listen to my loopy (I like the word, it’s assonant with mooty~) ideas with a patronising ear! Someday you’ll see them put in place and you can tell your grandchildren that you first heard them from an as yet inconsequential guy on a Friday night, traipsing in the vicinity of Raffles City with no purpose, no destination

but yawn what am I talking about


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