seniority life

Open house was a very happy affair – met the odd wide-eyed junior and caught up with her, endorsing the school/Council/humanz in ultimately inconsequential efforts. No one needs to sell Raffles after all. Consigned to be back gate ushers for three hours (the point made here being that no one uses the back gate), Willette and I fooled around in other more prominent locations, looking befrienderly and usherly.

Me: Hi! Are you here for open house? I’m Matthew!
Girl: *bemused*
Me: *notes with abject horror that girl is wearing Befriender’s shirt*

Parents are rude and the RI juniors are screwed up and prone to vulgarity.

Game theory is, despite popular opinion to the contrary, super fun! It’s the best part I like about economics mixed with the best part I like about math (yes, there is something I like about math), thereby exciting my hitherto deadened GEPperness and amping it to the max. The thing is that I have been and will be willing to Wikipedia game theory in my own spare time, so that I’m now taking it as a H3 denotes some sort of consumer surplus. I’m not sure what I’m talking about but I feel excited nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “seniority life

  1. yongy: lol you ah D:

    Nigel: YES. what I propose is an alternative OG flag called THE GALLBLADDER OF SHAME which is carried by the Naughtiest OG Member each day. this gallbladder will have Tears of Penitence streaming down its gallbladdery cheeks and will serve to purge the gall out of these naughty OGLings.

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