omg I just realised I have SMU H3 this Wednesday

Exciting stuff, really. I’m a non-graduating student of SMU now, complete with student card and the maturity that automatically befalls university students like myself. Apparently we get discounts on food with our student card. Hoorah for intellectual pursuit~

Actually I don’t feel any different from last year. But I’m J2 now and today was the last First Day of School ever. The changes will take some getting used to, starting from subtle ones (no PW; new GP teacher who analyses handwriting with amazing accuracy, to everyone’s expense and intrigue) and ending with slightly more consequential ones (free blocks stop only ever being just free blocks; entertainment and friends become peripheral). But I’m not merely an OGL/councillor but also a humanz student, so having an ample bank of knowledge and cognitive skills commands a premium. Reading for pleasure has never been made requisite but it’s a good thing I suppose, I’ll rise to the occasion. We inevitably do.

In other news the year 2010 officially looks weird. You can’t truncate it to ’10 the way you did with 2009 and 1996 because it makes for Confusion and Ambiguation. It should also be noted that someone named Ben who wanted to create an email address like such: ben09@hootmail.com or ben96@yahooo.com couldn’t do so if he were born this year, without causing considerable amusement at his expense.


2 thoughts on “piffle

  1. ‘new GP teacher who analyses handwriting with amazing accuracy, to everyone’s expense and intrigue’

    srzly :O :O

    that is so cool. in the meanwhile, some of my juniors are my old cap friends!!

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