it tolls for thee (but evidently not for me)

This isn’t how holidays are meant to feel, but I guess there are caveats to every good thing, just as there are silver linings to every dark cloud. I haven’t had any time to myself all week, or time to trawl the Internet for handphone reviews (all the handphones are one of two things these days. There’re the iPhones and there’re the Non iPhones, hurtling neck to neck in the race for market share).

Dorian Gray was my best read all holiday. There’re certain extended passages whereby Wilde does nothing more than show off his classic brand of wit through unceasing repartee, which never ceases to be funny in the standard sense but which gets kinda tedious after a while – but the little segment about hypocrisy even in repentance spoke to me, worryingly enough. Can we ever trust ourselves to do something out of unadulterated goodwill or is there always something in the equation, even the warm fuzzy feeling one gets in doing something perceived as right?

But anyway – sorry guys I’ve neglected in the course of Orientating and Councilling. This too shall pass (like motion); in the meantime don’t judge. Those closest to me alone know how much I hate doing these things for the sake of filling out a line in my college record to-be. But the truth is we don’t always know our purpose from the onset, and we definitely won’t find it lolling around at home waiting for sitcoms to update themselves.


2 thoughts on “it tolls for thee (but evidently not for me)

  1. interesting that you should have chosen this title (the first half of it, anyway) for your post. did you know that ‘for whom the bell tolls’ is a line from Donne? Devotions upon Emergent Occasions. by the way, why’s your previous post entitled 17 again?

    • wasn’t I the one who told you that it was a Donne line? at sentosa or smth. but ah well we srzly getting old. take my post titles with a pinch of salt and in any case I forget why (maybe it’s something to do with feeling young again~)

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