17 again

Yesterday is one of those days which will for quite some time be regarded with incredulity and xtreme disdain. But in my defence a New Year all-nighter at Clarke Quay is actually pretty short, in the right company and with the right conversation. probably the last stupid thing I’ll be doing in 2010 (hopefully) but thx anyway it was lovely <3

1) I managed to avoid getting beaten up. This is for the 4K guys who postulated last year that I’d be one of the first people to get beaten up in a rowdy crowd. My mouth doesn’t dribble insults anymore, or in any case I’ve learnt to disguise my racist comments as extremely bad sneezes

2) I didn’t touch any drink except Milo and coffee. I’m saving that for New Year 2011 because I’m a good boy

AVATAR 3D after that – am I just saying this because I slept through half the movie in intermittent extended blinks (and also started needing to pee pretty badly halfway in), or is this the most overrated movie ever? I mean come on, 162 minutes is way too long for what appears to be a video recording of the game Spore in action. Moreover, my bladder was extremely unrelenting. A commercial break was totally necessary.

Aliens making out also looks uncannily similar to humans making out. Is French kissing a universal concept, or have the little blue kids been watching too much Hollywood?

Action scenes also make me squirm with laboured inevitability: we all know the bad guy’s gonna die in the last 15 minutes, thereby reversing what had seemed to be an extremely logical victory, so there’s no point spending about 40 minutes on a furious fight scene. (The bad guy with white hair looks like Lt. Surge in Pokemon though, so I give them points for effort.)

I went home after that and had a sixteen hour snooze, nicely and exactly adequate for two nights of sleep – so here I am now, 9 hours into the 2nd day of 2010, none the wiser and still as irresponsible and culpable in every way. I’ve already broken the resolution about doing QT every day of the year, but who’s to say 2010 couldn’t start today? Yesterday felt more like an end than a beginning, and today feels like the true responsibility-inducing start.

2009 was a very mixed year, with regrets enough to counterbalance any high points. 2010 shan’t be perfect but with God’s grace it shan’t be another ambiguous year. I want to live it all and ride it through. It’s a scary year. By New Year 2011 I shall have done Orientation, taken my A levels (maybe even SAT Subject Tests), taken a course at SMU, graduated from the year-long Council experience, even applied to universities? I won’t correct all my wrongs overnight, even overyear – but I’ll give it a heck of a try.

Many things about tomorrow,
I don’t seem to understand;
But I know Who holds tomorrow,
And I know Who holds my hand.

I think I’ll start by buying a planner, I can’t remember what’s going on next week


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