wilbur tossing in his grave

Leaving for council retreat tomorrow! I hope it’s fun and not as reflective as other council meetings (we make mirrors look dull). I’ll be spending the last three days of the year in a Johor enclave, and after that there’ll be another three-day church thingamajig to catch and then orientation dry run – yes, I think it’s safe to conclude that the meat of the holidays are well behind me now. I haven’t done any decent work in weeks. I haven’t done any work in weeks. I might be speaking prematurely but this holiday has hence been rather productive.

There’s nothing better than feeling refreshingly stupid after an extended break from study. It allows you the luxury of summing up key study concepts in a few words or so. Feel free to use any of my definitions in essays without citation. (Preferably without.)

Kashmir – something extremely dangerous about India

differentiation – something you do between apples and oranges

GDP per capita – penis length of country

Hamlet – bite-sized pork chop


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