weathered tarmac

I AM BACK – and I don’t know where to begin

(photos will surface eventually, in a Live Feed Flood to end all Live Feed Floods. start building an ark or tinker with your feed settings~)

You know, I’ve been thinking about it and I realised that the sole great leveller in life is Expectation. No one can argue with it; it’s naturally determined and adjusted (like a sort of equilibrium), and it niftily explains why the best people in life can easily fail to be as happy as the people at the bottom, despite their being inferior in all the ways that should matter. So it doesn’t matter where exactly you are on the ladder, only where you are relative to before. And that’s not a good or a bad thing – it’s just a thing. Expectation sets a bar that reality is necessarily centered upon, but the truth is that the bar is only cleared roughly half the time. They say men are equal in death, but surely men are more equal in life than we suppose! additionally burdened by the results of the people immediately inferior and superior to us, subject to consequences consistently proportional to our personal stature.


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