57% goes a long way

“This fresh cake with original goodness and flavor that something delicious for everything and sweets make a very special.” Exactly. Now why can’t I phrase my thoughts better than a cake box with broken English and no discernible logic at all?

One of the lonelier birthdays in recent history – no class staking out in my bedroom; no non-familial Facebook wallposts, which proves my hypothesis that anyone who doesn’t have his birthday up on his profile for all to see has a great chance of finding out that not too many people remember after all; and where are the noisy bustling sisters when you finally want them around? – but also one of the loveliest. I wouldn’t have spent my day any other way or in any other company.

i hope you don’t mind
i hope you don’t mind
that i put down in words
how wonderful life is while you’re in the world

Life chugs on relentlessly but the pumpkin wasn’t only ever just a pumpkin. If only I had been more effusive. But ah well, sometimes the silences fill in the pauses in our breaths. Sometimes the bells chime in sync with our unsung tunes, that we may be represented in our inactivity, and even for it.


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