auspicium melioris aevi

to my ordinary readers:

back from the dead! promos were ABBBBsolutely uncanny; life is boring; ihc was cathartic; confused matthew is confused


i’ve got three words for you and all of them are “QUANDO” (i might be wrong, but i don’t think it’s a matter of “if” anymore..?)

neither of the above:

whatever was in the past stays in the past!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “auspicium melioris aevi

  1. define: quando
    Definitions of quando on the Web:

    * “Quando, Quando, Quando” is an Italian pop song dating from the early 1960s, written by Alberto Testa and Tony Renis (sometimes credited under his …)

    ….In the Ivan Rietman film, Stripes (1981), Bill Murray begins singing this to avoid being killed by mercenaries.

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