different country

I love Facebook! Every now and then people post photos from bygone eras and we laugh at our sallowed/puffy young selves with impunity. Humour is the only utility of the past~

Patty looks highly unappetizing. Who’s that buff guy who’s trying to mask steroids as puberty?

Edward looks exactly the same. Jaryl looks like he can fit into tight corners.

OMG THE ENIGMATIC BEN NG HAS BEEN IMMORTALISED IN A FOTO. His legendary crop of hair had already been accumulating.



6 thoughts on “different country

  1. oh gosh! i happen to chance upon ur blog through random blog links. Anyway, i must say that i look more guai and innocent last time. I definitely look different from now. As you might not know, i was like the class angel last time and i definitely did not harbour any evil thoughts! :D

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