tapir nadir bulwark

Things I shall do during the holidays

1. Clam myself up at home and study (with exception of points 3 and 5)
2. Watch movies at an astounding rate
3. Run, swim, gym
4. Know what I’ll be doing every single day
5. Meet some friends, talk some cock. Unfortunately it’ll be really few friends due to the tightness of my shirt – uh, schedule – so not a lot of cock will transpire – a little malnourished chick, if you must.
6. Bake
7. Write poetry/prose

Things I shall not do during the holidays

1. Get sidetracked by otherwise brilliant holiday plan (by ways outlined below (2 and 3))
2. Flash games, Facebook
3. Be mediocre or lazy
4. Piss off anyone in a supremely major fashion
5. Unclean language / impure thoughts
6. Wear my heart on my sleeve

Admittedly this is no ordinary holiday list, but I blush to concede that I am, after all, no ordinary man.


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