The Morose Moros

The holidays have started, and I’m determined to clam up at home for a week. It’s interesting, I’m usually meeting up with People I Don’t Usually Meet With During The Hassle Of The School Term, that’s fun (because one is rarely justified buying Starbucks or lolling around in playgrounds alone) but presumably my worksheets make better company, after I file them with colour codes and iron out (almost literally) their dog ears and creases. House arrest will be paused for the following:

  • PW
  • Church
  • Run/Swim/Gym
  • School library to get movies to feed my thirsty soul

The zenith of my lonerish self awaits me! It’s a very sad prospect but I’m too tired to love someone else, too haggard and miserable to be loved, too uninspired to be spontaneous anymore. After the promos I’ll be a new man, brimming with charm and wit and empathy and all things nice. Oh friends please do wait for me, I’m still the same mooty but I’ll talk to you after I’ve been to the moon and back!

(26 days)

(what do you call a group of emo Muslim Filipinos who set up a band)


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