the resumption of my social life begins today

Given that I’m not particularly inventive, spontaneous or shameless, I wasn’t relishing a 30-second curtain-bursting improv cameo hastily arranged 70 minutes before the concert started.

I’m glad the skit thing is over, we didn’t rehearse very much and there were Problems and Pressure (Pushing Down On Me, Pressing Down On You) and the jokes were admittedly half-baked (but still every laugh means a lot to me, thank you my esteemed audience) and I didn’t have any part to play in the funnier ones anyway, but that’s the beauty of amateur drama, by the last rehearsal it looks nothing like the script and the performance looks nothing like the last rehearsal~

In other news I <3 FILMSOC (and h8 AV, but even without the sound the audience loved it so that was awesome, NO IT WASN’T A SILENT MOVIE) – they really knew what to do with regards to direction and everything, so it was a pretty good experience (…though filming 4 seconds at a time soon became an extremely tedious affair).

And despite the regrets and times I felt like being an irresponsible scriptwriter/director (and the times when I succeeded all too well, because I usually get my way), I have to admit yesterday was pretty win.


4 thoughts on “the resumption of my social life begins today

  1. Your cameo was really, really funny bb. And yeah I realised there should’ve been sound for the video but I think it actually worked better that way?

  2. Hahaha yea, your cameo was super funny! Reminds me of last year’s DramaFeste. (Yes I have said this before I know I sound like an old grandma now)

    Hmm I think the video would have been much better with the sound ):

  3. regardless, excellent performance, people (not just me!) thought you were hilarious.

    and i donno, the lack of sound somehow added to the whole… age of it?

    silent b&w movie ftw.

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