There’s something strangely inelastic about time. Last night I suddenly thought of a few friends from when I was nine, still at Pei Chun and unGEP and thusly carefree. A lot of things changed when I was nine. There was some drama in the papers about my teacher and we got houses (I was Yellow and I don’t know how they sorted people because all my best friends were Yellow) and our school got a new campus and everything was new (but the lockers didn’t look capable of storing more than a few hamsters) and I had a birthday party – and then I got into GEP and I guess everything just stopped, I never was good at keeping in touch and friends 4ever

And now I want to keep in touch. I want to Mend Stagnated Relationships and tell them that they meant something to me, expressing myself in words I never knew in P3. We’d account for the eight years and marvel at the differences and even more so at the similarities, because marvelling at similarities is a perfectly human thing to do. We’d gossip a little about mutual ‘friends’ and snicker/sigh in unison.

And I was just thinking about it – it’s really easy. Some of them are on Facebook, I could send them a message and we could banter for a bit, maybe arrange a meet-up (somehow when I think of meet-ups I think of that playground in J8 because most of them happen there for me – so many child-safe props to improvise with) and as I see it that’s the best way to mend a relationship – sincerity, unbridled effusion, proaction.

So I guess it’s worrying and lamentable that I know I’ll never click “Send”.


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