for make benefit

You learn something new from everything.

From reading the Bible (am at Numbers 7 now, and plodding on strong), I learn that God was quite an unfair bloke and he ostracised blind people or people with physical defects and he claimed the firstborns of all the Israelites and he smote anyone who did anything wrong and he had a strange penchant for burnt oxen/sheep and an inexplicable fixation with circumcision. This is severely constrasting his current PR image: Fluffy and Benevolent. (I like this one better)

From going to the gym I see that real men are trained, not born. It’s very interesting, I look around and see men with rippling biceps scrunching up their faces in a tight helpless moan amidst a difficult rep and they notice me and their faces shift abruptly to the side and change suddenly to a stolid, masculine one. Happened more than once. No condemnation, bros — we’re all self-conscious people here. Moan on.

From stalking people (and their photos) on Facebook I see that the most important person aren’t any of the ones in the photo, but the one outside it. Who is the person who appears only once every ten or so pictures? He/she is the photographer and it’s really interesting, isn’t it, he/she’s a part of the outing as well and maybe sometimes you don’t notice them but they’re very much there, and sometimes their there-ness is comforting in a very understated manner.

Am I talking sense?


9 thoughts on “for make benefit

    • …wow high praise from the famed yongy – I really don’t know, sometimes post ideas occur to me supernaturally and/or inexplicably, but here are some things I think help:

      – no extended narrative, if you have the remotest interest of entertaining people outside your inner circle
      – know when to stop. every post is sacred and you don’t have to cram everything into one post.
      – think about HOW to end.
      – it’s not an obligation. don’t post every day for the heck of it, if you’re feeling insipid on that day stay away from wordpress. ultimately a blog is for others to read and should not be verbally diarrheic
      – good titles intrigue. even if they aren’t intriguing make sure they aren’t self-explanatory.
      – moderate your emotion – sometimes a placid viewpoint offers more than a senseless diatribe ever will
      – there is no hard and fast rule for every post, every post is DIFFERENT (like short stories and poetry are)

  1. a nice perspective about the photographer – especially since i’m one of those people. most (stereo)typical singaporeans are too busy laughing at their own/fellows’ antics, body parts, compromising positions, etc.. to notice that.


  2. i’d disagree with God being unfair, but the other two are interesting.

    but particularly the last one. that made me feel a little bit like an ass. =/

  3. yeah i’m mostly, sometimes resignedly but always by choice, the photographer. i personally think facebook places too much emphasis on the people INSIDE the photo actually.

  4. Hahaha, moan on!

    Well I appreciate the photographer because he/she is the one who actually makes those photos exist! Without him/her, would you even see the other people in the photo?

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