The second half was bloody boring but I figure I’m over the (metaphorical) hump after I’m done with Deuteronomy

Watched the Unbelievably Exciting And Romantic HARRY POTTER MOVIE yesterday, with Laura (the journey to whom was highly fraught with difficulty and expensive taxi ride) – and I liked it. No unforgettable scenes but then again I’ve learnt to dispel that from my expectations (if any), and if anything a hazy recollection of the events in the book was rather helpful, builds up anticipation for the epic scenes and I suppressed a yelp but it was a close call.

(Also, it wuz so romantik larz i wept when ron kised levendar bron hes such an s-hole to hermone wtf????!!?!?! the coarse of tru lov nvr did run smooth (i lernt that from a book impessiv rght))

Oh crap I just dropped a grape on my Z key, my multitasking skill level has hit a new low


3 thoughts on “exodus!

  1. hahaha you remember the harry + ginny scene when they were getting rid of the potions book at the room of requirement?

    ginny: now close your eyes.
    harry: why?
    ginny: i’m preventing you from temptation.
    harry: *closes eyes*


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