conversation is a dying art

laura says: (10:43:14 PM)
but god’s good he takes us away when we’ve completed everything he intended for us
matthew says: (10:43:23 PM)
yeah that’s true
matthew says: (10:43:26 PM)
except for babies :(
laura says: (10:43:31 PM)
matthew says: (10:43:39 PM)
what do you think happens to babies?
matthew says: (10:43:44 PM)
do they go to heaven?
matthew says: (10:43:51 PM)
then they wouldn’t have anything to talk about
matthew says: (10:44:07 PM)
like “oh I built a church” “I saved 58459 souls”
matthew says: (10:44:20 PM)
then the baby would be like “um I just sorta rolled on my back and stopped breathing”


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