I haven’t finished my nine-chapter quota for the last two days and I’m falling behind, I’m feeling busier than ever and the worst part is that it’s not an achey kind of busyness, it’s soft and enjoyable and lulling so I’m almost accepting it but meanwhile my spiritual life is derailing faster than I can say “gtfo satan”, which is rather fast and hardly pleasant in any case.

It’s Council crunch time and ISLE is restarting and the idyllic effects of swine flu are beginning to ebb away and eventually the flu victims will recover and come back to school and there’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth and everything will be back to Work As Usual and the pressure cooker of school and friends and keeping fit and reading my Bible and keeping up with current affairs and trying to top the class for math will ASPLODE in my face and

render me hunched in a little unconscious heap


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