the naughtiest girl in the world

We have a new math teacher and it’s three lessons in – it’s been rather eventful so far, by all measures. On the first lesson he told me I looked weird in the class photo matrix thingum and on the second lesson he put me on the spot for about twenty minutes to explain concepts I didn’t have an inkling about.

Today was lesson #3 and he walked up to me while I was minding my own business (ie. trying to make sense of my History notes) –

Cher: That doesn’t look like maths. Did you do your tutorial?
Me: uh not rly, I only did till question 4
Cher (scans an important-looking clipboard): Matthew ah… your maths is weak.
Me (prideful, wounded): huh? no, it’s not.
Cher: It’s not? Then are you lazy?
Me: …huh?
Cher: You’re not stupid, right? Are you stupid or lazy, choose one!

…and here I was thinking I could have the honour of defining myself, at my own time and place. Silly me.


5 thoughts on “the naughtiest girl in the world

  1. eh, to be fair though, you shouldn’t have been doing history during math.

    on the other hand, how did he decide “your maths is weak” is entirely beyond me.

    what the heck is on that clipboard i really do wonder.

  2. mich: It’s totally random, lacrosse –> Enid Blyton –> naughtiest girl and oh man I really like lacrosse I can’t wait for next Thursday :D I can’t do the tricks well but I catch okay, and stuff~ how was BOOKSACTUALLY

    pizzat: well yes that’s the only thing I shouldn’t have done (it was a desperate act because I had history the next lesson and I hate being caught out during a lesson, but that’s irrelevant). he drew that conclusion because I didn’t know how to present an answer the lesson prior – unfair judgment, and I can’t wait to ace a test.

    (though functions is/are admittedly a son of a bitch, I miss poisson and friends)

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