since we hear what we want to

Just yesterday I regained interest in the Myers-Briggs test – few personality tests leave any lasting impression whatsoever on me but I got an INFP and the analyses are shockingly accurate (won’t bore you with lengthy text dumps here but you can check it out yourself; Wikipedia is your friend – suffice it to say that I was really impressed and slobbery tears cascaded down my cheek as I hugged the nearest curtain, etc etc).

Take the test, you normally need dollops of cash but there’s a cheap online alternative here. Leave a comment (doesn’t matter if it’s on my blog or Facebook) on this stating what you got, I’d love to know and see if it corresponds to my perception of you, if it doesn’t I’ll scold you and ask you to be true to yourself


8 thoughts on “since we hear what we want to

    • …what’s G? isn’t it P or J

      uh go check those descriptions they give, or Google, there’re loads of websites like that. mine were damn accurate homgwtf

  1. yeah as far as personality tests go this is pretty good, it chartered my personality change rather well (i took it at two different times and was quite surprised). i don’t rmb what the letters all stand for and thus don’t really rmb my personality anymore but i do recall that uh E was extrovert or sth and it changed to introvert when i became more withdrawn. :(

    • what did you get? and wow that’s pretty cool, I checked my archives, I did this two years ago and I’m still the same! I’ve never been an E~

      go take it again! it’s great fun isn’t it

    • BYAP’s the personality with all the defects yo

      and yeah crap that’s the only one rarer than mine I’m like 2%

      ISFJ’s like the most common HA~

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