Am I allowed to say I feel almost relieved that stuff are being cancelled left right center? I’m having some me-time and it is good – swam for the first time in ages yesterday, for an hour, I’m still hopeless and unsporty and constantly breathless, but I felt much much better, and I pushed myself and improved my stroke and was hot and flushed and radiating heat and feeling radiant.

– and then this Indian boy with a potbelly waddled tentatively to the edge of the pool, poised to join his father who was then resting at a side of the pool. “That’s right, boy,” I thought smugly. “You need the exercise,” instantly erasing all karma I had chalked up over the past hour.


One thought on “pudge

  1. ‘Fresh meat!!!’ =P

    Hahaha, I like the last sentence. And I think I’ve done that quite a few times before too. >.>

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