maundy maundy

It’s finally school again, then – I would feel worse but I think continued vegetation is no way to get my life back in order. To be honest JC life is but a hazy memory – I live for the present and all I can remember of the present: irreparably skewed sleeping hours, lots of HK dramas and Ch8 dramas and lots of Nintendo DS and a few spiritually defeated moments and omg it is so easy to get stuck in a rut isn’t it

Slowly but surely I shall find my footing tomorrow onwards. Why are we so good at hiding the things that are obviously important to us? I think if we were only honest to ourselves and others many mysteries in life would have fallen neatly into place, but because we’re so bloody cryptic to one another the world is so unfamiliar and it doesn’t promise to get any better.

I don’t know what I’m talking about. Tomorrow I will attend lessons and gym and maybe go for a swim and feel battered and victorious.


5 thoughts on “maundy maundy

  1. loong time no see. maybe its cuz we fear wad honesty will reveal. its like econs really, as unappealing the analogy- who to tell, what to tell, how much to tell who. We’ll never really know fully and make the best decisions- just rough estimates. For those whose hearts hardened by failure, rejection and struck by the ensuing depression, honesty is often the last policy.

    Interesting post mooty- imma seeing a parallel to IBE. why the need to Bunbury? to bury the truth gingerly under layers of gift wrappings and facades. becuz its most convenient, and often, least painful.

    see ya in sch!
    oh and GP? dun worry abt it. really. theres always next round. k? ( i dun even know mine yett)

    hang in there bro. we all gotta.


  2. ‘To be honest JC life is but a hazy memory – I live for the present and all I can remember of the present’


    cheer up it’ll all pass! we all grow out of our problems eventually, it just takes time :)

    anwz haven’t seen you in ages, we must meet up soon!! <3

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