I can’t even begin to decide if the holiday is a good thing – it means the Promos weigh everything (and even though they’re comfortably nestled in their positions four, five months away, that’s what we thought of the CTs as well, until it smacked us indecorously in the nose). I spent my day finishing up a HK drama and reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky (awesome stuff, as Russian products go) and sealing a snail mail envelope, which is really exciting stuff.

(It’s been ages since I had snail mail correspondence with anyone not called MOE or RI(JC) (and even then it’s one-sided~) and it’s terribly enjoyable and I think I could start that again, if anyone decided s/he had time, and stamps, to spare. )


12 thoughts on “shell

  1. well to be fair, 100% and 75% isn’t all that different. the 25% is just a false buffer for us to comfort ourselves with. (let’s face it, getting full for CTs doesn’t mean anything if you don’t also get over 75% for promos. =/)

  2. yeah okay whatever, 15%, sorry bout’ that. the point still stands though.

    like, right now i’m just disgusted at the kind of scores i’ll need for promos if i want to get an A for chem. -_-

    i doubt my other tests are going to be looking much better.

    you just need to get a straight 70% for any of YOUR subjects though. =/

    enjoy your week regardless.

  3. “just a straight 70” that actually sounds pretty heartening yes but I’m unused to this system, whatever happened to the weekly math tests we loathed? they gave me security!

    st john’s is fun! except the toilets are kinda weird, but I’m sure you liked your limpets. barnacles, whatever. (BILLIONS OF BLUE BLISTERING BARNACLES!)

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