abruptly ended cos I have to sleep

Keywords of the holiday: perspective, moderation, discipline.

Just a few hours ago I was at the Yio Chu Kang gym for the second time this week. I’ve been going to the gym for quite some time now, it’s the only form of physical activity I undertake these days and it’s kinda simplistic, doing a certain amount of weight for a certain number of reps, repeated a certain number of times. I mean, not everyone can poetry slam but everyone can pick up a dumbbell and look like they know what they’re doing (unless they’re doubling over in pain and bleeding in the eye).

Public gyms are a sight to behold, because there is a scary proportion of purple-EZ-link-card-holders in the gym, pumping weights or gambolling awkwardly on the treadmill. The worst thing is that some of them are actually in good shape. It isn’t pretty to see someone with bulging eyes and age spots bicep-curling 20kg (read: a lot).

There’re also people in their 20s who look like they’ve been in NS half their lives. They emit moans but apparently it’s still permitted because they’re doing obscene weights and they have snakes slithering down their arms.


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