CAP was pretty awesome for the second time, if in a different way. I have new Hwachong friends (and assorted ones from other JCs)! And almost everyone else was younger than me and female and they’re adorable (some).

Okay I take back my pre-CAP apprehension and I’m really happy Pek peer-pressured me into this a couple of months ago.

(I think it went something like this:

Me: “shit should I go? I have CCAL camp on 1 June!”
: “eh f*ck you, go!”
: “orh okay”)

It’s not “magical” like I thought ’07 was, of course, but taken with a pinch of salt it’s still pretty cool. Sure beats seeing the same Rafflesian faces, and I really relished being able to write bad poetry again because I haven’t written my brand of bad poetry in AGES. I have no idea how one writes good poetry and I hope someday I’ll learn! I couldn’t remember how natural reading and writing was to me in the past; now they are subsumed in my umbrella of secondary academic skills and useful habits. In JC one carries many umbrellas. Already the CAP high is starting to ebb away with every Facebook message I exchange with new acquaintances and I wonder how much poetry/prose I can squeeze out before that happens.


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