Today saw badminton EPICNESS – facing an imposing Jurong Junior College (replete with full school attendance and a bevy of rabid councillory-looking people) in both boys’ and girls’ finals. Timing had it that the final sets for both were played at the same time, both going to multiple deuces. Girls (for it was a doubles match) triumphed at 25-23 or something but true epicness was on the fellows in the other court who deuced seven times before a resounding 28-26 victory. Hearts were sent aflutter~ I screamed and jumped for every point we won, and screamed and jumped for every point we lost.

School spirit is an acquired taste.

What I took away was the vast gulf between us and our opponents. No offence meant to any Jurongians who peruse this blog but their showing was impressive, really. The whole school, or at the very least half the school, was there cheering for every single point, albeit occasionally in an irritating and off-putting manner. To be fair us Rafflesians have had our fair share of finals this year, winning a sizeable portion, and to me badminton finals was really just another line in our soon-to-be-ending match support duties. They? They came armed with buckets and dizzying cheer/dance routines (where they get more credit for effort than efficacy) and a school population who actually cheered industriously – more than we can boast.

I guess in a way JJC already considered themselves victors, to be able to be matched with us in the finals and break us a sweat, because after the results they were gracious and happy with their double seconds. Not to say they weren’t out to win as well, yet for them the process was ample and special, whereas for us nothing less than a gold would have satisfied (having a winning streak to extend and defend).

Just a lesson in perspective.


5 thoughts on “tier/drop

  1. there are many things i have to say about match support, mostly negative, and none particularly pleasant.

    but hey, not coming to rain on their parade. gratz to the badminton teams i guess, and nice post. (love the title)

    hm. perspective.

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