could be the panda, could be the bear

Sometimes I feel that the world has so many more awesome things to offer the world than I (though this is fortunately usually rectified with a dose of reality), and that’s when the posts of this variety come in handy.

1. “Holy smoke” – Must-watch.

2. More New Math – Math with a twist (not all are good but I see a few gems)

amongst over a hundred others.

3. Freakonomics – I’ve been late in picking up this book but one day in everyone’s favourite RI(JC) school library I lumbered around in a lethargic stupor trying to find a good read when I got this. Sixuan’s council campaign sticker from way back (CYSH lol) was stuck neatly on the title page so it promised to be pretty good. I lurched to one of the soft cushiony seats and read a few pages before falling asleep in a pool of my own drool.

Great read.

4. omg nuuuu~ (nuff said)

Picture 2


5 thoughts on “could be the panda, could be the bear

  1. Hahaha, you do know that the DoTA commentary is quite an old joke right? I heard it only this past week -_- And it should be spelled ‘Holy Schmoke’ :D

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