Match support has become a crazily intensive part of my life. I used to be all “yey I’m ponning lessons to go support some sweaty jocks” but now I’m all “omgwtf I’m ponning lessons again to go support some sweaty jocks”, which probably means that I’m slowly growing into a better and more self-motivated person, just an unhappier one. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about that.

On the other hand the Council badge is sexy and huge and endearingly imposing and turtle-shaped (just like Council itself, with one exception) and it’s totally worth failing CTs to wear such an awesome badge.

I shall leave now because today is Sleep At 10PM Day and if I don’t sleep at 10pm the evil glubdrub monsters will rise from beneath my bed and make scratchy noises on my wall and prod at my navel with their sharp fingernails and I would scream and die.


2 thoughts on “stream-of-lochness

  1. i hope that you’ll find someone who plays with the school flag, and lets it touch the floor, then proceed to give him a good bollocking :D


    • I did shudder involuntarily when Ernie accidentally let the flag touch the ground for two seconds during Hockey Girls MS. Your good work, Shanzhi! :/

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