this post has a title now

CAP briefing was pretty weird. Pek and I were 20 minutes late for a 45 minute briefing. Judging by the latter 25 minutes we probably didn’t miss much. A quick scan of the auditorium: everyone looked weird and bookish. I can’t remember if I looked like them in Sec 3. They were also a very subservient audience. They accorded every attempt at humour with a polite smattering of laughter, even if most of those attempts remained but attempts.

So that was kinda lame, but I figure cool people probably don’t go for briefings and I shall see them on June 1st!

Until Monday ends I’m knee-deep in stuff to do and prepare and mull over with furrowed brow, and my craved moments of solitude are few and far between.

Thank God for:

  • green tea ice cream
  • Milo cereal
  • bread that has a sickly green tint and pandan flavouring
  • fat sausage with randomly distributed bursts of cheesy goodness
  • mashed potato that dispenses in liquid form via means of tube

16 thoughts on “this post has a title now

  1. damn. green tea ice-cream.
    i can’t even find proper ones here.
    the last time i was at a korean restaurant, the green tea ice-cream was just vanilla with matcha powder over it.


  2. lol. what’d you mean two dollars a cup BUT ….etc.

    two dollars is freaking cheap.

    vs $5 bubble teas + $4.50 (i think it was) fake green tea ice-cream :(

    • 1. I don’t know you
      2. I have not ascertained that you are not weird or bookish
      3. Your comment does not stir up feelings of penitence in the bowels of my heart

      No matter, we can get to know each other during CAP, lol

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