Media used GLARE; Matthew is PARALYZED


So I didn’t get HH capt! No surprises there, I’m kinda awkward and faggy and totally not handsome and cute and I always felt that if I lost to Sixuan I wouldn’t be too sad. It’s true.

I’m still joining HouseD, and I’m still running for Vice Capt, and nothing much has changed, except that I’m suddenly a week behind on work, and have extraordinarily painful pimples.

And underdogs know who their true friends are. It’s so fun to support the winner, but to lend support to someone who was fighting a losing battle from the start is truly commendable. You know who you are.

Also, to all councillors who went all “Are you okay, Matt? There’s always Vice Capt yeah? *sympathetic look*“, I <3 you but stfu! Stop pretending it was an upset or anything! And of course I’m running for Vice Capt! I will come back with thicker skin and fatter cheeks, because as I said in my utterly contrived speech (that wasn’t exactly a speech since it was recorded and placed in a noisy canteen where everyone eats their porridge and no one thinks “Hmm I suddenly wanna know more about the campaigners and their personality”), nothing changes me. I just want to be damn on for Council and not being in the much coveted 13-strong Exco doesn’t change anything.

Byebye guys! Later!


3 thoughts on “Media used GLARE; Matthew is PARALYZED

  1. Hey some people actually do watch the dang speeches.

    If only to make fun of campaigners. HA-HA

    “contrived”, indeed.

  2. admittedly i still don’t get why anyone would want to join council, but *hug* you still ttly have my support anw :D

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