exposed to radiation

Do you want this dude to be your house captain?

Well, you should.


9 thoughts on “exposed to radiation

  1. Matthew, matthew, matthew. You have lost my vote (if i had one)… and my respect. Naw i’m kidding.

    You never had either in the first place. xD

  2. byap: HEY~ Who was your responsible and caring group leader in our record-breaking RE Congress feat? (Record broken: Least Number of Hours Spent On a Project Which Went On To Be Presented To A Variety of Apathetic Audiences) Come on, you KNOW I’m good :D

    lumino: …well that’s cos I’m ONE WITH THE FIRE. Fire nymph, leaping and teasing the dancing tongues of fyreeee!

  3. Voter: “Hi. Why should we vote for you as the house captain?”
    Candidate A: “I’m trustworthy, responsible, and I am here to serve all of you.”

    Voter: “Ok, that’s good. What about you, Matthew? Why should we vote for you?”
    Voter: *thumbs up*

  4. initially yes, but after that pic…………………..

    anyways, come come! if you wanna master the art of maori war-cries ;)

  5. Lulz I want to come, but for two reasons:

    2) SWINE FLU (Singapore’s being damn anal, so many school activities being cancelled, random booth at guard house with uniformed men wearing masks and sitting at tables trying to look self-important)

    But yeah I wanna come, can’t remember how monotonous NZ life is ;)

  6. COME! i’ll be nice to you :)
    and you can study here (yeah right).
    and escape the evil clutches of……… :p

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