aye aye!

Internal Election was fun – a few frigid hours spent in the LT with occasional tense/comic moments. There is nothing like watching the disappointed faces of people who don’t see their names on the screen, and there’s nothing sadistic about it. For every three people beaming and looking presidentially radiant there’re seven (or so) people who aren’t. Failure is the flipside (and mother) or success.

I will be campaigning for HH Captain! To God be the glory! My speeches were lacklustre, and there is nothing like walking into a classroom of councillors with only a scant idea of what to say. I am not a smoker and I doubt I ever will be; I can turn anything beautiful and polished, but probably only in two drafts or more. (I have to say, I drafted a semblance of a speech on my voting slip whilst still in presidential elections, mostly out of boredom and most of which got forgotten) Still, it went pretty well, and it’s an experience I’ll remember for some time to come, waiting outside the classroom with three other people and noting the grim unsmiling sky.

Patrick walked in towards the end of my second speech. Deprived the option of an informed decision he told me later that he had voted for me; I’m left wondering how crucial that vote was. (though I’d like to think I’d have won his vote anyway)

So my quest to win votes continues, and hopefully it won’t be an ugly affair. Sixuan and Ernie are very capable people (in widely differing ways) and I wouldn’t be too indignant for myself if either of them get it over me.

Yet I know full well that I’d do a better job than some might think, and that I don’t stand a higher chance than I do can be attributed to my attitude (bordering on apathy) towards the house in the past four years. Of course, it is impossible to feel as little in RI(JC), where the leadership is more dynamic, where the house system is so much more prominent. Somehow it means much less that houses are after all merely clumps of people randomly sorted into colours.

And I know it’s time for me to step up if I feel I can do better. No more mutinous murmuring! I believe in myself and I believe in my God, and I think there’s nothing much else to believe in that I haven’t already.

Who’s your vote?


11 thoughts on “aye aye!

    • Thank you (biological) sister! :D:D Now, if only you could vote.

      what’s that? I actually ignore all my Facebook application invites. fun? I NEED SOMETHING TO OCCUPY ME.

  1. OH YES. I think most 2P guys will agree with what you said about the House System and how it’s different from how it was back in RI.

    I feel terrible about it now, but didn’t give you a chance in Council Elections. You weren’t in my 10. I guess I don’t really know you all that well, Matthew Chan, after not being in your class for 2 years.

    I don’t know who Sixuan is and Ernie agrees that he’d be better off as Vice Captain, so I KNOW WHO I AM VOTING FOR I guess.

    I guess.

  2. Thanks Pay and Nigel! I appreciate it a lot.

    Glad to have won you over Nige, I probably hadn’t done much to be in your top ten and I understand that!

  3. Wait wait. So do we (common students who slack around school minding our own business) get to vote?

    I think I’ll probably just vote for people whom I know, like every biased student out there. Mehehe.

    Also, that means you Matthew! So good luck!

  4. Voting is online during Thursday and Friday I think! (and you only get to vote for your own house captain and the presidents)

    Thankiez ZM! :D

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