I amuse myself because no one else is as good

Tomorrow being my highly awaited 5 Stations day, it really makes me wonder what the degenerate youths of tomorrow will be doing, say, in a couple of millenia later.

Space Shuttle Run
Students tuck in their shirts, run around in circles and make “pew pew” noises while appearing to execute navigating movements with their hands. Time stops when they perform a safe landing in a circle in the centre marked with green chalk, looking left and right and muttering “The coast is clear! Out!”

Sit and Bitch
Facing the PE teacher, back to the wall, students have 30 seconds to bitch about their lives, making sure to fulfill at least three of the following five criteria: “School Life”, “Family”, “Ex-Boy/Girlfriends”, “The Ten Loves Of My Life From The Time I Was Seven”, and “Toasters, Aircon, Porn And Related Useful Human Inventions”.

Shit Up
Students get a toilet bowl and a set package containing fruits, laxatives and assorted endoscopic tools. They have two hours.

Shit Down
For girls, and boys under the age of 15. Basically the same as Shit Up, except that a myriad of classmates and teachers will be at the side giving psychological support in the form of squelching noises.


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