for we know not what we do

I thank God with all my heart because he has raised me up once again – but for every person who has reason to thank God for, there is a person disappointed and starkly absent from the very short list (the people who went for interviews over a month ago took up one whole notice board).

On the bright side, I am now not only still spastic and diabolical, but also in a position of power. A very rustic Hogwartian picture springs to mind – “That’d be ten points off BW, Wee Ping, for flatly refusing to tie my shoelace and buy me Pocky – what, sticking out your tongue? Another ten!” Still, the obvious white slip-inducing incidents would have to be avoided (like eating Kinder Bueno in the library – but oh, for you, Kinder Bueno, anything!).

And there will always be a bright side to everything, if only you peer closely enough. Thank you Chanel, Rich, Sulyn, Wan Ting, and my varied voters and supporters – you heartened me greatly and at times of doubt it’s always nice to know that God exists, in the form of a weedy boy in tight white shirt and pants or hip-swaying girl in shirt (that looks like it’s tucked in) and skirt (that don’t look like they cover anything, not unlike an Italian lampshade).


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