matthew’s three points

1. School’s been crazy – I’d write how, but too many Relevant People read my blog as and when they like it. Tension is mounting in class but it’s been a comic sort of tension, that one related to racist jokes and whoopee cushions. The JAE people have arrived and it’s admittedly been pretty weird, we’ll have to get used to the sudden inflation in size and the variation in class personality. They look like they’re quiet but possibly incredibly smart. I’m not quiet and I doubt I ever will be, so I’ll have to make up for it by being even smarter and more incredible. An uphill task.

2. The people you find hardest to talk to are the ones you’d love to! Talk to me damnit, don’t make things awkward and stop stealing trepidatious looks at me, I don’t bite except when it’s the full moon.

3. My MSN isn’t working and I feel a little castrated inside. (I tried to picture myself in army without my Macbook and with only those leafy jungly things called trees as company, but my brain almost exploded into tiny shattered pixels)

Life is good and God is good and in due course I WILL BE GOOD AS HELL


4 thoughts on “matthew’s three points

  1. ‘The people you find hardest to talk to are the ones you’d love to!’

    *pai1 an4 jiao4 jue2*

    I want to create a stalker society where we stalk people till we get the courage to talk to them. You can be in the exco :D

    I think I may have to create a new hotmail account
    which is sad because i always liked the slight cheesiness of my current (or ex) one. It represents my p3 self!!

    anyway, :D


    (how does one lose the use of an MSN account?! Do you have security questions etc?)

    And I refuse to stalk people, I’m supposed to be the direct and friendly one who goes round saying hi and saying stupid things to break the ice. I think – societal roles are so blurred in JC.

  3. I have no idea! It just keeps saying ‘password invalid’ or ‘you’ve tried to sign in too many times with the wrong password’. And like three other people in my class have the same problem?! Someone has a grudge against the awesomeness that is hwachongkidz ;D

    Also I forgot the answer to my security question. Yeah I failzxzzxxz

    And ha, what blurred?! more like COMPLETE REVERSAL. I now feel responsible for saying hi to everyone I know whom I meet in the corridors whereas in sec sch i couldn’t care less. to quote someone i can’t rmb, it was a ‘dao then dao lor’ kinda thing.

    and yes, ME TOO. can you tell by the sheer length of this comment that I am bursting with things to say?!

    when life gets interesting, technology gets cruel :(

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