meowth! dats rite

I have a sudden vision of myself walking around and wearing a T-shirt saying “camwhoring is srs bznz”. After the SBS scare my Ophir photos are safely uploaded onto the computer, yet I have spent a couple of hours trimming down 376 photos to 280, not without considerable heartache at me-shaped pixels being cruelly dumped into Trash. The last time I uploaded a 49-strong OG album onto Facebook I took about an hour (captioning and all), and I’ll be looking to the weekend to do the same for these here Ophir photos. They’ll be beautiful and be filled with me, which as everyone knows is the most delightful substance in the world.

Council voting in four days! I’ve been ambivalent about my chances but I’ve been supremely blessed since the day I nominated myself, what with making it through to campaigning despite a scare and having random elves pop up to draw our stickers for us. I’ll save the words for later, but for now I’m facing life with confidence, possibly misplaced, nevertheless a freaking awesome feeling to feel. I’m not going to waste my words reaching out to the people I barely know, but if I’ve touched your life in one way or another, I’d be flattered if you voted me despite my occasional/frequent spasms.


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