Omgomgomg I need to shamelessly plug my group’s Council bid here because I just got back from class camp and campaign starts tomorrow and we have to make a cheery retarded video tomorrow before 8am and I am still hung over on dancing and trekking and waterfall abseiling and wth!!!

We don’t have a Facebook group. We don’t have a rabid fanbase (well, I do, but they’re all from impressive far-away places like Boston and, um, Phnom Penh). We don’t have high profile people adulating our glorious existence.

BUT WHAT WE HAVE ARE CHUNKS OF EXCELLENCE (in all the right places *gestures at armpit*) AND A PASSION TO SERVE THE SCHOOL AND, UH, MAKE THE SCHOOL A BETTER PLACE! And I don’t know if that’s enough for you, but I sure think we’re great fun and most probably won’t stink up Council with our over-oiled zeal for truckloads of work.

DELIVERANCE (“we’d die to deliver”) – Matthew, Rich, Chanel, Su Lyn from HH!

(PS. See? We didn’t make a pun with our initials, opting instead for a short, simple and catchy theme and slogan! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE US.)



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