debrief and depants (not in that order, obviously)

I did not bake something new.

I did not read up on History and Econs.

I did not do math tutorials or assignments.

I did not start packing for class camp.

I did not train for NAPFA (pullups and one debilitating run to Khatib MRT aside).

But, hey, I made it through the March holidays alive! :D CHAMPAGNE!!!!! Well, I landed badly on my hip while trying to master the Xlider at ECP but not even the roaring cars of Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 could deter me from making it to Sunday night, alive, (almost) unscathed, dignity intact.

I am made of sterner stuff than a school holiday. Good to hear. I used to take things like these for granted, but these days it’s all I can do to make an inventory of the things that could potentially kill me, and another list for the things that I can breeze by, clothes still hanging securely on my back.


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