and that’s how I spent the last four days of my holidays

Who would pass up an online Guitar Hero?

Answer: NO ONE

SIGN UP NOW OMG (haha Nicole I’m totally getting more referrals than you)


13 thoughts on “and that’s how I spent the last four days of my holidays

  1. omg, so YOU were the one nicole was jam legend-ing with?!

    she started playing rock band the minute she stepped into my house, and all the way till the next day she never walked more than 5 steps away from the TV and rock band set i swear. she even slept next to the TV!!!

  2. HAHA yes we are sworn jamlegend siblings (yeah well she’s stopped because she wants to mug but I say NONSENSE jamlegend has no patience for muggerz).

    EH I WANT TO PLAY ROCK BAND CAN I CRASH YOUR HOUSE PLZPLZPLZ I NEH PLAY BEFORE! (like a child from Africa [persuasion technique #1: relate self to child from Africa]) I promise you I am prepared to walk more than 5 steps to the toilet if I have to piss or wash my face or something. I’m not as addicted as HER pfft.

  3. HAHAHA all you noobs no problem manz rock band isn’t fun when you play alone. :D yay okay one day i will round up all the people who want to play rock band and we will just ram rock band like how my sec 4 class did. 6 hours straight lol

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