a very odd soliloquy

Damnit, I am happy with the world at large. Every time I am happy with the world at large I get carried away by the people in the world at large, and every time I get carried away by the people in the world at large I neglect my studies, if just a little (okay, actually quite a lot, like a crystal ball fogged up with Ungraded [or non-existent] essays). How do you multitask, women?? How do you get carried away AND manage your studies? To me friends are more than just an item on the list, they are in a separate dimension altogether. They can’t be MANAGED, they just are.

Friends are hard to keep. I never used to bother, but I’m tired of new ones. I’ve reached a midlife crisis where new friends seem much less appealing than old friends do. Around old friends you can be snotty and smelly and obnoxious, but around new friends you have to sit all prim and proper, hands by your side (unless you’re eating porridge in the canteen, in which case your right hand is granted license to clasp the spoon gently and daintily, left hand still in aforementioned stiff position).

I am of course exaggerating, and I have some lovely new friends whom I shall not name here, but some of you others do have that effect on me. I will be bowled over and overwhelmed at the very size of you that I shall be mute and unintelligent, unless prompted to make wit.

To Old Friends: please mobilize yourselves and gather at the parade square. We will play the name game and after a few awkward hours we will know each other again, the memories spilling out and forming topics for conversation. Nostalgia is the cow with udders dying to be milked – but first you have to respond to the call of my horn. Are you with me, or against!


4 thoughts on “a very odd soliloquy

  1. Matt I am vvvv amused but anyw, I was highly tempted to quote an entire paragraph from this post of yours onto my blog because I feel the exact same way – plus I am granted more right to feel this way as compared to you, wrt the dainty thing. Sriuzly you barely have to bother cos who would care if you were gross + disgusting? You’re not a girl!!!!!!

  2. Hey sixuan! HAHA I was half kidding as always, I’m super gross and disgusting, ask my classmates. And don’t worry manzx I’ll accept you however gross/disgusting you may be!

    Dude we totally need OG gathering and stuffs! Where the hell is our OG BONDEDNESS!

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