plus, some people find sweaty jerseys attractive

Oh dear, I’d make no good pro-establishment journalist. My Raffles Press article was coming along nice until this last paragraph:

The hockey team will definitely be looking for the support of fellow schoolmates during their season, and what’s not to support? There’s almost nothing better than watching a bunch of sweaty mongrels tussle for a shin-cracking ball with wooden sticks (with similar aforementioned shin-cracking skills)!

…Alright, I jest. They’re certainly no mongrels! Sinewy Jack Russells, at best.

PURGE ALL JOCK-AVERSE SENTIMENTS, MATTHEW! They have MEDALS and GIRLFRIENDS to show for their efforts, and what have you?

(well, certainly not medals, unless you count Research Education Congress and a Sec Two Waterpolo medal which I did nothing to earn, and assorted MATH-related medals which I’ve been trying valiantly to hide along with the rest of my shameful math-embracing history, but which ironically probably will be my crowning glories for years to come)

Final version of the article up here! The password is ‘sticks and balls’… or it could be ‘balls and sticks’, I’m no stickler for details.


12 thoughts on “plus, some people find sweaty jerseys attractive

  1. Me no like jocks. Oh no, is me talking like jocks now?

    Okay, that was evil. Ignore that, even though I just had to say it.

  2. … uh lol wait, zm, aren’t you kind of like, a jock? track and field and all right? @_@

    i hate jocks too! (mostly because i’m jealous and bitter.)

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